EU IPA 2 support to promote transparency and accountability in public administration

EU IPA 2 support to promote transparency and accountability in public administration

The European Union project “Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration”, supported through the IPA 2 Program, is giving support to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) and the Agency for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information (AFPRPAPI) in order to strengthen their functionality, and thus to contribute in increasing the integrity and ethics of public institutions, as well as to improve the transparency and accountability of the public administration. The project is implemented from November 2019 to November 2022.

Component 1 of the project, covers the support focused on SCPC in order to strengthen the institution, support the process of transparency, professional assistance in building and promoting the system of integrity and ethics in the work of the public institutions.

Component 1 covers six main areas of need of the SCPC. At the very beginning of the project, activities implemented were focused to strengthen the capacities of the SCPC and the support provided was to improve the functional set-up, in order to perform more efficiently and effectively the regular work tasks that are within the competence of the institution. The support is also given with appropriate electronic tools for communication and monitoring of the work, which again contributes to improving the effectiveness of the work of the Commission.  

In parallel with the process of building the technical capacities of the Commission, activities that are realized are directed towards the public institutions, but also towards the general public. An Integrity Policy has been prepared, with a set of documents, in order to be accepted by public institutions; a public campaign has been conducted to raise awareness of the integrity of civil servants and to promote a positive context and protection of whistleblowers.

The support for the advancement of electronic systems and tools for communication and exchange of information covers several segments of the daily actions and activities of the SCPC. Namely, the establishment of a data management system, the introduction of an electronic system for monitoring the property status and interests of the elected and appointed persons, the establishment of an electronic tool for anti-corruption review of laws and bylaws, the preparation of an e-learning platform, which will be available to civil servants and the general public, an application for strengthening the awareness of citizens for prevention of corruption has been prepared, and an application for monitoring the implementation of the action plan of the National Strategy for Prevention and Fight against corruption and prevention of conflict of interest 2021 – 2025.

All the listed activities and results arising from the EU project “Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration” are in correlation with the European values of good governance and directly contribute to strengthening the institutional capacity to fight corruption, as well as to promote and support the implementation of integrity with elements of accountability and ethics.

Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration – Final Report